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Nordic Scalers is a growth and market entry program for the most ambitious Nordic scale-ups

1st program:
Dec 2017 – jun 2018

Now, let’s make your company truly global

We offer carefully selected scale-ups from the Nordics the resources they need to reach their potential. The Nordic Scalers program is six months of mentoring tailored to scale-ups with the drive to succeed worldwide.

We fast-forward the process by connecting you with relevant corporates, investors and experienced serial entrepreneurs that have gone international with their company. Access to this network is combined with workshops and on-the-ground testing of the market you aim for.

Ready for next-level scaling? This program is for you

We are looking for companies that are in the middle of an expansion phase. You have reached a point way beyond validating your business model, fleshing out a future strategy and putting together a robust management team. In fact, we trust that you are good at these things. With your current foundation, you must be motivated to scale your company exponentially.

Formal requirements
Your business needs to be registered in the Nordics: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland or the Åland islands.

You need to have minimum €2 mio in turnover or VC funding. Serial entrepreneurs that can demonstrate a similar traction with past companies may be excepted from this criteria.

What we are looking for
You have a proven growth track record + a plan for exceeding past results.

Your company should have a scalable business model and a validated product or service.

You are working with competent financial partners.

You have an existing knowledge of operating in foreign markets.

Companies from any sector are welcome to apply, but we have a special focus on scaleups linked to new technologies. From Fintech to Foodtech, Digital Health and IoT.

Focus for the 1st batch of scale-ups: Hello America

The largest economy in the world will be the first target market for Nordic Scalers. In fact, America offers a variety of markets across states and cities, which makes it attractive for scale-ups from any industry. What would be a small niche product somewhere else, can find a serious customer base in the US. In addition, Americans are highly adaptable to new digital products and services.

Our point of entry will be New York, which in recent years has become one of the world’s leading entrepreneurial hubs with the support from public and private investments.

Good to know

We do not take equity and no fee is required to join the program.

We do however expect that at least two people from your company – the CEO/co-founder and another team member – take part in the full duration of the six-month part time program.

Participating scale-ups will have to cover their own travel costs.

Nordic Scalers at a glance

Tailored to you

We customize the program to the needs of each scale-up


Four preparatory skill-based workshops on how to enter your target market

Better together

Tap into the strengths of fellow participants through peer-2-peer learning

Mentors that did it before

We match you with experienced scalers and serial entrepreneurs

Corporate network

Access to industry players that take a lead in their global industries

Smarter money

Access to investors with a deep knowledge of growth challenges

Understand the market

An eight-day deep dive into all you need to know about entering your desired market

On location

We visit the market you aim for + we talk to your target customers

Support from program partners

We’re in it with you too, and we will do everything we can to support your journey

What & When?

What & When?

Nordic Scalers is a joint program
from a strong group of Nordic partners

Lead Partners 

Network Partners