The Program

1st program:
Dec 2017 – jun 2018

Nordic Scalers is a growth program that spans across six months. Maximum 10 scale-ups from the Nordic countries are selected to participate.

We start out with mentors
that know how to scale

Nordic Scalers is anchored by a group of first-rate mentors. They have scaled each of their companies exponentially and joined the program, because they want to make the process easier for a new generation of founders.

Join the best of your peers

We facilitate close collaboration between scale-ups. Of course, you all have individual growth agendas, but you also share challenges. During the program we match founders and developers across teams, when we see that you can help each other – with contacts, skills, and close-to-practice learnings.

A program in three phases

If you are selected for the program, the first edition kicks off December 7th 2017.

Phase 1: Plan your market entry
This phase lasts two months. You will participate in four two-day workshops together with your fellow Nordic scale-ups. These workshops will help you to understand the target market (the US for the first edition of the program) and help you refine your market entry plan. For each scale-up we will also develop a dedicated plan for phase 2: an investigatory trip to the target market.

Phase 2: Investigate + connect with US partners
Eight days tour of the target market to test the possibilities and challenges specific to your scale-up. During the trip we will combine:

  • Market analysis strengthened by on-the-ground research
  • Customer scouting
  • Access to connections for talent recruitment, legal support, office location and community partners
  • Finalizing your go-to-market strategy
  • Pitch sessions and 1-on-1 meetings with potential investors and commercial partners

Phase 3: Found + fund
Upon returning home from the investigatory trip the scale-up will need to decide between two main strategies or a combination of them: founding or funding.

Found: Together with each individual scale-up, the Nordic Scalers team and an industry mentor will go through the execution plan of setting up a foreign office, complying to enter the new market, organizing for scaling and financing their plans. At the same time, we will make sure that the scaleup holds the right initial connections in the new market.

Fund: A dedicated funding session is planned for those scale-ups that require additional financing to scale to a new market. This session includes 1-on-1 deep-dive meetings with relevant investors in the new market.

The services offered by Nordic Scalers are then ‘handed over’ to the partners of each scale-up within:

  • Financing – to continue talks with the relevant investors in the entry market
  • Company formation – to set up a legal entity, register the company, set up a bank account and accounting and payroll systems
  • Compliance – to choose an advisor on tax and employee compliance and insurance for business and employees
  • Office location – whether it is physical or virtual

Why are we building Nordic Scalers?

Too many startups never reach their full potential. Even if you are on the right track in terms of growth, taking your business from 20 employees to 200 can be a daunting and difficult task, especially in a new market. We want to change this. After a Nordic wave of true global scale-ups in recent years, we think the timing is right for a program that supports a culture for scaling. We aim to connect scaleup teams with each other and link them to corporates, experienced growth founders and VCs. To boil it down: one of the most resourceful Nordic networks. And we invite you to be a part of it.